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Play Online Bingo - Getting started

A Quick guide to help you with registration and playing the online bingo games. Getting started with bingo is such an easy thing to do. Follow the detailed steps below to make sure you are chatting and winning online in no time.
5 Steps to claim your bonus and playing online bingo.
Why not download the getting started with bingo PDF to keep as a reference?

1) Choose the bingo site that appeals the most to you. You will find different bonus promotions (normally a 100% match is made on your first deposit), as well as no deposit bonus (normally $5 or more are allocated to your account when you register without making a deposit). The no deposit bonus is a great way to "try before you buy". This way you get to know the other players and see how well you enjoy the community of the specific online bingo hall.

2) Register by choosing an alias (nickname) , password and providing your email adress when registering.

3) You will then receive and instant confirmation email where you will have to click the link that is provided to activate your new account.

4) You are now ready to login and get right into the action. Once logged in you are provided with different bingo halls and games. If a flash version is available, then for a quick preview of the games, click the flash version game. This means you don't have to download and install the software on your pc to play. If no flash version is available, click the download button to install the software on your pc. This is normally a very quick process and should only take a minute or so.

5) Once in the game you will notice the chat messages and options to buy bingo cards.
This is your chance to make use of your no deposit bonus if you received one. Alternatively make a deposit and play for real, or just play for free. Most online bingo halls provide freeplay. Make use of online support if you are not sure.

6) Buy your bingo cards and join the excitement. GL (Not sure what this means? Check out our printable PDF - online bingo lingo guide.

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