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Bingos Review:

You cannot help but be impressed by the website. The stunningorange design lights-up whatis an electric website. That’s not all, doesn’t just look good but there’s plenty to do.

Any players new to the world of online bingo may want to try out their practice pages, where you can play bingo or casino games for free. Then, once you’ve mastered it, you can register and start playing for real cash. guarantees a fair, secure and confidential gambling environment. They utilize the most sophisticated in gaming software and always try to maintain the highest of standards. Bingos have a large amount of members, which return day after day to play and chat some more.

At card prices vary from 5c to $1. They also offer a variety of different games within each room and there are special pattern tourneys available everyday of the week. There’s truly something for everyone, just check out the schedule at the website to find out when your favorite game is being played.

Why not take a look at’s SpeedBingo. This game consists of several short patterns (a maximum of 8 calls each) with just a 3 second delay between the calls! More games will be played during this hour, so you’ve got to be quick to win. SpeedBingo is really fun, but it is quite challenging –you have been warned! Speed bingo is played every day at 7 pm (EST) in the 25c and 50c rooms. has a huge chat community. They play a number of different chat room games throughout the day where players can top up there BBs. Be warned, make sure you turn up early because those chat rooms can fill up quickly. also host a number of casino games from Slots, Video Poker, PullTabs, Roulette, Black Jack, Craps, Table/Caribbean Poker to good old favorite Keno. They are all really fun games and they even look good too! prides itself on looking after its loyalist of members, so much so that they have introduced a loyalty program just for them. The program is designed to reward players for their loyalty to the site. For every $1 you deposit into your account, you will be granted 50 “Maggie” Loyalty Points. Maggie Points can be collected for activity throughout the site, and exchange these points for gifts and prizes. It can get a bit complicated, put simply Bingos will reward you for your activity on their site. The more points you earn the higher your loyalty-level will be. The higher your level, the bigger the free bonuses you can get on every deposit!

With all these bonuses flying around, now really is the time to join. Register now and you will receive $5 free and 120% in sign up bonus on your first deposit. Further deposits receive 25% bonus. Coverall jackpots range from $1,000 to $10,000 whilst all the bingo rooms have progressive jackpot bonuses. Try and scoop one of those massive jackpots, HaveACigar and MysteryNumbers did! MysteryNumbers won $2,067.76 and HaveACigar hit the $2,215.99 jackpot, both playing at our Caesar’s Hall Bingo (50c). WTG roomies & WTG!! Register today and take advantage of some of the great offers at

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