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Learn the Basics of playing Bingo Online!

A Quick guide to learn the basics of online bingo:
There really is not much skill required when it comes to playing bingo online. The essence of the game, is meeting new people, chatting online, and the winning offcourse! Take advantage of the many bingo promotions and be a winner today!
  Quicker than you can say "Bingo!"
It's extremely easy to get started with an online bingo game. The basics of bingo is something you will pick up quicker than you can shout Bingo!
Bingo Pattern ExampleThere here are easy ways to increase your odds. Similar to lottory games, you buy your bingo cards. Each bingo game have a pattern. When the numbers called forms and matches the pattern of the current game, you win. It's that easy! The game itself actually keep tabs of all of this for you, so no need for any real skill here ;)

The secret here is the more cards you buy then better your changes.
Normally cards cost between 0.05c to $2. Obviously the more expensive the cards, the bigger the jackpot payouts. To add to the excitement of the games is online bingo chat. Different games have different chat moderators (CM). They are the there to help and guide you. Instant chat. There are certain guideline to chatting in the rooms. The basics are not to use CAPITAL LETTERS or to use abusive or threatening language or racial, sexual or ethnic slurs of any kind.

Play, chat and have great fun!

Typical Online Bingo GameNow, in the chat room, you will meet a whole bunch of interesting people having fun. This the best part (apart from winning offcourse). When sighning up, you have the chance to choose an alias. a Nickname if you like. I have seem some realy funny ones. Get creative :)
Getting to learn the Lingo:
Chatting online is great fun, but you will find alot of online players typing abbriviations like "WTG" (Way to Go!) and "ASAP". I am sure you know what ASAP means, right? Now there is a whole lot of these and can be found on the Bingo Lingo Page. Print them for quick reference. Alternatively you can download our Bingo Lingo Reference (PDF) to print and keep handy. You will learn these in no time. Good luck and remember to have fun! GL = Good Luck! :)
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